Renovation disaster as £700k house collapses in Lewisham

The renovation of a £700,000 house bought as a ‘doer-upper’ in south-east London turned into a nightmare when it collapsed during building work.

Neighbours said it sounded “like a bomb had gone off” when part of the terraced house, reportedly bought just six months ago, fell down, shortly after it began to sag dramatically today.

Police closed the road in Lewisham due to the “structurally unstable” Victorian house which collapsed in just 30 minutes.

Residents were evacuated by police as the front of the house began to lean forward, minutes before the roof of the property fell in.

Collapsed House

Ken Taylor, who lives opposite the property, told the Evening Standard: “It was strange, first of all a couple of bricks fell out then gradually the whole roof sagged outwards and some of it fell off.

“Today they were just about to start inspecting it with a cherry picker when the whole roof fell in, maybe it was the vibrations from the cherry picker.

“It was really exciting, there was a big crunch and a big cloud of dust, it was like a bomb had gone off.

“Lots of people have been coming round taking pictures since it happened.”

Architect Ted Aston, 55, also told the newspaper: “The roof of the building was leaning over the street, the corner of the road was cordoned off and they weren’t letting anyone near it.

The House before it Collapsed

“I spoke to a police officer outside and she told me next door had been evacuated, as she understands it, all of the internal walls have been removed.

“These building are nearly 100 years old and even though some partitions appear to be non-load bearing, some of the partitions become part of the whole building.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said no-one was injured in the incident.

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