ISO 14001

  • ISO 14001ISO 14001

WA Management provide external support with the implementation and running of all management systems. As a management consultant retained through an annual fee or taken on to undertake a project, WA Management can help deliver, maintain and drive benefits from running management systems in accordance with the standard you require or as an integrated management system.

Why Obtain Certification of ISO 14001?

The Environment is becoming increasingly high profile and with the risk of green taxes many organisations are looking at ways they can reduce their impact on the environment. The benefits of running an environmental management system are listed below:

  • Reduced potential disruption to your operations by reducing the requirement for surveillance visits from regulatory agencies
  • Proof to stakeholders, nearby residents & local authorities that you are environmentally responsible
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Increased profits through potential process improvements
  • Reduced environmental liability
  • Reduced costs due to potentially lower insurance rates

ISO 14001 is such an environmental management system and WA Management will advise your company on how to obtain, maintain and more importantly benefit from it.