BS EN 1090 & BS EN ISO 3834-2

CE marking of structural steelwork against BS EN 1090-1 and  BS EN ISO 3834-2 is a must for anyone engaged in supplying structural steelwork to construction companies from 1st July 2014.

If you supply products such as steel sections, bolts, welding consumables and fabricated steel components that are used in buildings, bridges, highways or other civil engineering projects, you must be accredited to CE mark your products from 1st  July 2014.

Failure to be ready in time means it is a criminal offence to supply structural steel products from 1st July 2014.

Failure to comply with the law by incorrectly CE marking  or not providing accredited CE marking can result in fines or imprisonment.

W A Management can help as follows:

If you are not certified already, helping you attain certification to ISO 9001 with an accredited assessment body; a pre-requisite for CE marking accreditation.

If you are already certified to ISO 9001 with an accredited body, we can help you update your management system to meet the requirements of BS EN 1090 and BS EN ISO 3834.

We can help you attain certification to ISO 1090 with an accredited assessment body as required by law.