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Bristol University Student Accidentally Made Explosive

University buildings were evacuated when a student accidentally made the same highly explosive substance that was used in the Paris terror attacks. An investigation by Bristol University has found that triacetone triperoxide (TATP) was “unintentionally formed during a routine procedure”. A cordon was set up around the university’s chemistry block … Continue reading 

Disputes over Health and Safety Executive costs recovery will be settled independently

Disputes raised in relation to the ‘fee for intervention’ (FFI) costs recovery scheme operated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will in future be resolved by way of a “fully independent” process, the regulator has announced. It intends to consult with “relevant stakeholders” on changes to its dispute resolution … Continue reading 

Video warns industry of irreparable hearing damage

A new video aimed to raise awareness of the life-changing consqeuences of hearing damage has been released by Honeywell. Take Care of Your Hearing is part of a package of tools designed to help employers ensure that industrial workers receive effective hearing protection and training in the workplace. Noise induced … Continue reading 

Modern slavery – be part of the cure, not the problem

More than 45.8 million people are in a form of modern slavery across 167 countries today, according to estimates from the Global Slavery Index. Over half of that number come from five countries in particular: India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Uzbekistan. Several of these countries, provide low-cost labour for markets … Continue reading 

Plumber wins workers’ rights battle against Pimlico Plumbers

A plumber has won a legal battle for working rights in the latest significant court ruling over freelance operations in the modern workplace. Gary Smith wanted to reduce his working days at Pimlico Plumbers following a heart attack. The Court of Appeal agreed with a tribunal that said he was … Continue reading 

Box Manufacturer Escapes £2.5m Fine After Exposing Workers To Unprotected Electrics

A packaging manufacturer has been served a reduced £297,000 fine after a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector uncovered poor, longstanding practices involving electrics and machine guarding at the company’s premises in Northfleet in Kent during September 2014. Under the sentencing guidelines the court could have set the penalty as … Continue reading 

Mental Health Focus: What Is The Construction Industry Helpline?

Who is the helpline aimed at? Quite simply the Construction Industry Helpline is there for any construction worker and their family. From steel fixer to surveyor or ground worker and plant hire operator to architect, this 24/7 helpline is always there as a safety net for everyone in the construction … Continue reading 

Australian Man Trapped In Pond With Nose Just Above Water

An Australian man has survived spending hours struggling to keep his nose above water after his excavator rolled into a waterhole. Daniel Miller, 45, had been riding the machine at his remote property 300km (180 miles) north of Sydney. When the edge of the dam gave way, the farmer was … Continue reading 

Amanda Telfer’s Mayfair Window Death ‘Avoidable’

The death of a lawyer crushed by three window frames that weighed more than half a tonne could have been prevented, the Old Bailey has heard. Amanda Telfer, 43, was killed when the frames fell on her as she walked past a building site in Hanover Square, Mayfair, London, on … Continue reading 

University Fined £400k After Experiment Nearly Kills Students

The University of Northumbria at Newcastle has been fined after two students fell seriously ill after a miscalculation in an experiment led to them being admitted to intensive care and requiring dialysis. Newcastle Crown Court heard how students were learning about the effects of caffeine as part of a sports experiment. … Continue reading